March 31, 2017

Will there be a point in your life when your child is older than you? The answer is no. You were born first. As she grows older, you do too. If you are willing to ignore the tiny effects that the theory of relativity has on human ageing, then you would agree that both...

Is the number 5 imaginary? Look at the 5 fingers on your left hand. You don't need to imagine them, you can see them. So unless all that we experience is a big dream, 5 probably isn't imaginary, it exists.

Now, how about -1, is it imaginary? We don't see -1 on...

Yoni: The other day, I met my friend Inna, a mathematician. Inna is originally from the grand city of St. Petersburg, Russia. But these days she lives between the cities of Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia. We caught up in Brisbane and enjoyed a forest walk together...

March 3, 2017

Before you rush to answer, please consider my claim: Asking this question is just as important as answering. Indeed, a central goal of many of our blog posts is to empower parents and educators with basic ideas and knowledge for guiding children through mathematical ex...

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January 3, 2019

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