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We recently encountered Funville Adventures, a lovely book written by mathematics educator, Sasha Fradkin and computer science researcher, Allison Bishop. This new book, published by Natural Math does a great job tickling the mathematical senses of the reader. 


September 26, 2017

Pi of Life is Sunil Singh’s tribute to mathematics that reads both as a love letter and a stirring call to action. It will challenge you on the status quo of education, and inspire you with an alternative vision of how mathematics can be experienced.

Sunil is a truly gi...

February 2, 2017

Mathematics has been stolen from us, and it is time we take it back.” – You’ll find this on page 2 of Burn Math Class and Reinvent Mathematics for Yourself, an incredible Book by Jason Wilkes. Has mathematics really been stolen from us? I am not sure. But for me, one...

October 25, 2016

Data Science is clearly a hot area, and so is Julia. Maybe you haven’t heard about the programming language Julia? It is a high level dynamic programming language, designed to be both fast and flexible from the start. Fast, means having (almost) comparable performance...

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