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About half a year ago we celebrated the incredible Global Math Week. It was a week where over a million students stepped into the zone of joyful mathematics. The focus was Exploding Dots, a fascinating and fun way to explore numbers, arithmetic, algebra and many relate...

What do kale, coral, and potato chips (crisps) have in common? It turns out that the surfaces of these objects have an unusual type of geometry. Recently Clara and Phil were talking about such objects, in particular their surfaces. It reminded Clara of her days as a st...

Is math important to you? Is it because you make use of basic math facts in your daily life, such as when you go shopping or walking down the street? Sure, but some people use it for technical work in fields such as finance, engineering, chemistry and architecture, jus...

May 13, 2017

"I don't cut corners", he announced proudly. "I do everything by the book!". "Good for you", I replied with a grin. I then continued, "actually, did you know that by cutting corners you can save up to 29%?"

He looked at me with an agitated and surprised look. "Wher...

April 16, 2017

Look around. Do you see any triangles? Sure you do, triangles are everywhere. To see one you only need three points. I bet that you can see a triangle in your vicinity right now. Perhaps even multiple triangles if you look hard enough. 

But hold on. Even though triangle...

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