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Incredible Mathematics on Youtube

September 10, 2017

Youtube has it all! You can use Youtube to learn how to cook, to program, to swim or to fix a bicycle. You can watch videos that showcase history, science, nature, culture and our world. Do you ever use Youtube to search for mathematics content? 


There are dozens of Youtube mathematics channels, varied in style, nature and focus, but mostly interesting, precise and incredibly inspirational. The total number of subscribers to these channels is estimated at more than four million with the number of individual views estimated at over a billion. Channel creators have certainly put considerable effort and care into this incredible body of Youtube math content, and the public has accepted it with open hands.


We estimate that the total number of mathematics videos in these channels exceeds ten thousand. Watching the bulk of the mathematics content would take you a few good weeks of non-stop video streaming. Do you have that time?


As an alternative, you can use Youtube search for individual items. It can work well, but often, you get bombarded with dozens of results and don't find exactly what you are looking for. So how to effectively get Youtube math content? One great way is to use the free Epsilon Stream App. Here is a demo video:

A key point of Epsilon Stream is that it focuses on mathematics. Some of the content is about "how" while other content is about "why", promoting curiosity and exploration. Keep in mind that using Epsilon Stream does not contradict subscribing directly to the channels that you like the most. 


Let us survey some great Youtube math channels that caught our attention: 

3 Blue 1 Brown - This channel features videos made using a unique animation scheme. They are captivating and  showcase the beauty of mathematics. See for example this video on Music and Measure Theory:

All Around Math Guy


Art of Problem Solving



Art of the Problem - This channel contains professional looking videos, not just focusing on mathematics. Within the context of mathematics, you can find videos about data compression, encryption, cryptocurrencies and computation. See for example this great video dealing with the Turing Machine:

Black Pen Red Pen - If you are looking for step-by-step workout of questions at senior pre-calculus maths, university calculus and advanced algebra level, try out this channel. Enter a topic in the search bar, you may find the same question that you had on your lecture notes. 

Brandon Craft -  

Brian McLogan

Brightstorm - This is a massive online study business, featuring videos in mathematics as well as other areas. The videos are made up of standard "teacher with white board". While traditional, this method is often useful for understanding concepts.

Cole's World of Mathematics - 

Computerphile - This is a recreational channel for anything that has to do with computer science. It isn't about learning how to code, but rather about understanding mechanisms of computer science. Needless to say, mathematics and computer science are very closely related.

Derek Owens

DLBMaths - 

Domain of Science - Like its name, you are entering the world of science the moment you come upon this channel. The channel contains videos of scholars talking about a topic in their area of expertise,  including maths, physics, chemistry, biology and computer science. The one about maths that our team loves is the Map of Mathematics. 

Don't Memorise - This is a massive online study channel. Like it's name, animated videos in this channel often convey concepts in a neat and intuitive manner. See for example this great video on radians and degrees:

Fort Bend Tutoring

Global Math Project


Goldfish And Robin

Gold Plated Goof

James Tanton - This is one of the channels attributed to Dr. James Tanton, the creator of The Global Math Project. The content in this channel often touches standard mathematical concepts in a non-standard manner. It is always precise, joyful and full of humanity.

Kealing Geometry -


Khan Academy - Khan academy is a well known legend for educational video creation. Hundreds of math concepts are separated in series, clearly explained and to the point. They are always helpful for learners who are either new to the topic or are in a desperate need to revise the content learnt in class. 

Krista King - 

Kyle Pearce - This channel has many videos that can assist middle school and high school teachers to look for new ways to explain certain math concepts.

Mario's Math Tutoring


MashUp Math

Math Fortress


Math is Fun - This somewhat less known channel is associated with the very well received math is fun website. Like the website, the videos in the channel are also very neat. 

Math Mammoth - This channel focuses on maths taught in primary school. The videos may be useful for teachers and parents that wish to see how content is delivered to children.

Math Meeting - This channel contains hundreds of videos touching almost every topic in primary and secondary school mathematics, including statistics.

Math TV - This channel has many videos on calculus and is part of an online business. You will find clear and detailed workout of typical questions that you may come across at senior high school level or beginning college level. 

Mathantics - This is a very cute channel with eye-catching videos and content tailored to children in early teens. See for example this video dealing with conversions of fractions to decimals:


Mathbff - This channel contains clear and precise explanations in the areas of algebra, trigonometry and calculus. See for example this video dealing with radians and degrees:


Mathematicsonline -


Math Help - This channel contains hundreds of useful videos as part of an online study business. Much of its content focuses at junior level.

Mathispower4u - 

Mathologer - This well-loved channel contains advanced mathematics. It is always fun to watch Associate Professor Burkard Polster demonstrating beautiful ideas behind the maths in a surprising and inspirational manner. Here is an example video on an elementary topic, Multiplying a negative by a negative:


Michelle Krummel - 

Mind Your Decisions - This channel is often with a focus on mathematical puzzles and the subject of game theory. See for example this neat video, illustrating how building more roads can in certain cases increase road congestion!

Minute Physics - This channel is a super-popular channel in the world of Physics. It also contains maths videos as physics and mathematics are closely related. We love this derivation of the area of circle, based on the circumference formula and the area of a triangle:


My Secret Math Tutor - 


MyWhyU - 



Numberphile - When it comes to Youtube channels of mathematics, this is the most popular channel. The topics in the videos are often talked through by world renowned mathematicians. Viewers are taking on a journey of finding about the interesting world of Mathematics, which is the passion for many brilliant minds. See for example one of our favorite videos, dealing with base 12:

PatrickJMT - This is a very comprehensive channel with great explanations on almost every topic taught in school and in first year university courses.

PBS Infinite Series - There is infinite amount of knowledge that individual person couldn't possibly learn it all in his or her lifetime. Like there is always a lot to take in and think about when watching videos in this channel with topics ranging from probability, graph theory, higher dimensions to quantum computers. Are you ready to give your brain cells a workout?

Prof Rob Bob


Singing Banana - This neat channel by James Grime always produces fun videos. James Grime is also one of the key contributors to Numberphile mentioned above.

Spoonful of Math and Sarda Herke  - In these channels, Dr. Sarda Herke provides quick explanations for how key mathematical concepts and techniques work. You will find unique descriptions of combinatorics, discrete mathematics and graph theory.

Stand Up Maths - Math is not just fun, it can also be funny! Watch this channel by Matt Parker to see how. Like James Grime, Matt Parker is also a key contributor to Numberphile, mentioned above.


Statistics Learning Centre - Like its name, the content in this channel will help viewers learn concepts of probability and statistics. The videos are designed to help viewers understand the concepts through a collection of handy diagrams, memorable examples and vivid animations. The channel also contains content other than statistics.

Study Pug - This channel showcases some videos of the Study Pug tutoring business. 


TeacherTube Math

Tecmath - This channel contains hundreds of useful videos, often dealing with mathematics taught for ages 8-14. Many of the videos are with a focus on fast computation.

TED-Ed -  Have you ever been inspired by a TED Talk? TED-Ed will do just the same. The content in this channel is also not restricted by maths but rather broad, covering a range of different topics across a number of subjects. The idea is to present learners knowledge through animated videos that are fun to watch.


The Bearded Math Man -

Tipping Point Math - This channel contains many videos about surprises in mathematics. Always interesting to watch, always unique.

Think Twice - The beautiful animations of this channel illustrate the beauty of mathematics.  If you are a visual learner, don't miss this channel. 

Vihart - This channels is not just about the beauty of mathematics, it is also about the beauty of life. Creative, precise and always novel, each of Vi Hart's video leaves the watcher wanting to see more. Watch this great video about mathematics in plants:

Welch Labs - This channel has some interesting machine learning videos (not directly in our scope) as well as unique videos on imaginary numbers. Watch this one and be amazed:


Woo Tube - Eddie Woo is one of Australia's most loved mathematics teachers. He films many of his classes, especially the senior ones. Some explanations of maths concepts that you won't be able to find anywhere else. 

Yay Math - This channel contains great class room based sessions delivered by Robert Ahdoot. The sessions are filmed in a live classroom. 

So as you can see, there are many incredible channels on Youtube, offering a plethora of mathematical content. We hope that you explore these channels and support the ones that you like. If you feel that we missed a channel that is important and useful to you, please let us know.



You can also see curated content from these channels on the free Epsilon Stream App. Get it now for iOS: 

Or if you are an Android or desktop user, register with us and we'll notify you when the Android and desktop versions are released. You may also follow @OneOnEpsilon on twitter for daily updates of videos appearing in Epsilon Stream.







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