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September 14, 2017


Epsilon Stream for iOS is here! You can have the 'one-stop shop' for math exploration in less than a minute. Free and family-focused.

But why use Epsilon Stream?


To answer this question, let's consider what you want to do...


I am a parent and my child is learning algebra: 

Go to Epsilon Stream and search for 'Quadratic Equations', 'Complete the Square' or 'Inequalities'. You'll find an inspiring collection of curated videos, blog posts and games that hit the spot. You might have studied algebra before and forgot a few bits. Watch, play and explore as you and your child engage.


I am a school teacher and I'm about to give a lesson on prime numbers: 

Surely you don't know everything about primes? Humanity still doesn't even get the full story. Browse through Epsilon Stream, searching for 'Greatest Common Denominator', 'Prime Factorization' and 'Least Common Multiple' and get great content. If that isn't enough, key in 'Number Theory' to see entertaining videos dealing with current research. 


I am a student, and I can't get my head around trigonometry:

You probably want to understand both the 'how' and the 'why'. Epsilon stream is a mix of content, some on 'how' and some on 'why'. Here are some of our top picks from PatrickJMT, mathbff and 3Blue1Brown:


But why not just Google and YouTube?

Sometimes it doesn't do the job. Here is an experiment. Try searching YouTube for 'Speed vs. Velocity'. You'll get dozens of results, some relevant, but many not. Unless you had prior knowledge, you won't get this incredible video by ViHart:

Our team is composed of mathematics researchers with PhDs, math teachers and parents and we ensure that you get the best results.


I'm a school teacher and I don't like YouTube in my class:

Viewing of YouTube videos is controlled by the App, in accordance with YouTube's regulations and, at the same time, allowing users to stay focused on the math without distractions. You can even web-lock Epsilon Stream, so that under no circumstance users leave to webpages that haven't been curated. It is free and it is safe.

What is Exploding Dots?

Exploding Dots is an incredible math framework celebrated this year by the Global Math Project. In fact, Global Math Week is taking place on Oct 10 - 17 (soon!). Epsilon Stream supports the Global Math Project by including many resources and videos in the App.

What age group is it for?

Mathematics is not really about ages. It is about curiosity, engagement, thought, stamina and understanding. It is about questioning, discovery and structure. You may be a 45 year old man, getting an education degree and wishing to brush up on math, or you may be a 5 year old girl, exploring the wonders of negative numbers through conversation with mom and dad. Epsilon Stream is for you.


Nevertheless, to put it in perspective, Epsilon Stream focuses on what is typically taught to ages 8 through 18. So you won't find pre-school mathematics, nor detailed techniques of calculus, linear algebra or complex analysis in the App. Still, you can find very exciting and accessible math research content.



How can I share?

If you see a video, blog post or game that you like, just swipe left and hit the green share button. When watching a video you can share too. If you like Epsilon Stream, let your friends know about it. Most importantly, let us know how to improve

Drive your curiosity and nurture connections with Epsilon Stream.






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