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November 2017 Editors' Picks

November 26, 2017

A key goal of Epsilon Stream is to present you with useful videos for pre-university mathematics. You can ask Epsilon Stream about "addition of fractions", "parabola", "zero to the power zero" or thousands of other search terms.  Epsilon Stream then responds with a succinct short list of useful youtube videos, written content and games. 


Search in Epsilon Stream and get a short list of results as
selected by our professional content team.


Our philosophy is that for a specific subject such as mathematics, experts curating, selecting and reviewing can do better than any automatic system built to date. We thrive on the fact that there are incredible mathematics channels on youtube. We select from thousands of videos and resources, to give you a handful of results per search subject. Indeed, our content team is continuously improving and refining this search experience. For you. Free.

However, Epsilon Stream isn't just for practical search, it is also a place to enjoy curiosity driven exploration. Our content team thrives on exploring and analysing creative youtube videos, great maths education games and wonderful blog posts. These are then presented in Epsilon Stream's home under "Editor's Picks".


We update these editor's picks periodically. Let us tell you about our selection for November, 2017.


Each of these videos is incredible in its own right. Just Watch!

Pythagorean theorem | Visual and Algebraic Proof by Think Twice: An incredibly elegant, visual and silent exploration of the famous theorem of Pythagoras. This is well worth watching if you want to develop some valuable intuition.

Dragon Curve by Numberphile: The classic book by Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park, has a surprise within its pages - the beautiful fractal pattern known as the dragon curve. See a simple way of constructing this pattern by folding paper, and much more.

Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants, by Vihart: An interesting take on fractal patterns, infinite series, Apollonian gaskets, Sierpinski triangles and infinite Saharan caravans! Done with brilliant artistry the way only Vi Hart can do.

The Map of Mathematics, by Domain of Science: How are different areas of mathematics related? This presents a brief yet enchanting summary of the connections between different fields of research in modern mathematics. From origins such as counting and number systems, through to probability and optimization, and even as far as machine learning and cryptography. All these topics are placed in a well-thought-out poster format, and described to the viewer.

Root 2 and the deadly Marching Squares, by Mathologer: A look at patterns within marching squares (think of soldiers marching), proof by contradiction, and the irrationality of the square root of 2. A related yet unexpected way of approximating the square root of 2 is deduced.


The Napkin Ring Problem, by Vsauce: A constructive look at the shape of a napkin ring. Vsauce discusses Cavilieri's principle, and provides plenty of applications of Pythagoras' Theorem.


Pi hiding in prime regularities, by 3Blue1BrownA different look at a famous infinite series related to pi. This video takes us through prime numbers, complex numbers, Gaussian primes, and associated patterns. The conclusion might inspire your own investigations.

Which of these did you like most? Let us know.


If you have an iOS device then you can now run the free Epsilon Stream iOS App and enjoy nearly a thousand videos categorised to match your search. If you are not an iOS user, hold tight for the web and Android version, to be out February 2017. Till then, you can also follow @OneOnEpsilon on Twitter for daily maths video shoutouts and continue to support incredible mathematics content creators on youtube.








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