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December 2017 Editors' Picks

December 22, 2017

How do you use Epsilon Stream? For many, it is a great app that finds the best youtube content for almost any elementary math term. However, others use it to explore new ground. The app's home page presents incredible content under the Watch, Play and Explore tabs, all curated by our content team.

We update our editors' picks picks monthly. Let us tell you about our selection for December, 2017. Each of these videos is incredible in its own right. Just Watch!

How to Fix Wobbly Furniture - from a Math Guy by James Tanton and the Global Math Project: James Tanton, the mastermind behind Exploding Dots and the Global Math Project, is an accomplished mathematician, teacher, and someone who just loves sharing the beauty of mathematics. In this video, he demonstrates an  incredibly useful application of the intermediate value theorem. Think of this the next time you need to fix that wobbly four-legged piece of furniture!


How Many Humans Have the Same Number of Body Hairs? by PBS Infinite Series: Kelsey Houston-Edwards (currently a Ph.D. student at Cornell University) takes a look at the simple yet powerful result known as the Pigeonhole Principle, usually attributed to the famous mathematician J.P.G. Lejeune Dirichlet (or simply "Dirichlet"). In this video, she explores a variety of applications of this principle, and discusses some pretty cool generalisations. What is your favourite application?

Danny Devito Drawn With String by GoldPlatedGoof: Mathematics meets Art in this brilliant video on the GoldPlatedGoof Youtube channel. Motivated by the work of artist Petros Vrellis, this video gives details on how to construct an algorithm that reproduces images using a single piece of string and a border of nails. Try it!

The Simplest Impossible Problem by Tipping Point Math: The famous mathematician, Paul Erdos, said of the Collatz Conjecture, "Mathematics is not yet ready for such problems." Can you believe that such a simple problem is still unsolved today? This great video from the Youtube Channel Tipping Point Math explains all you need to know about the Collatz Conjecture.

Three prisoners problem - LEGO Star Wars Math by Mathfigs: An excellent video that mixes math and Lego. What more could you ask for? This video explores the so-called "three prisoners problem", a variant of the well-studied Monty Hall Problem. All demonstrated with beautiful Lego animation!

Turing machines explained visually by Art of the Problem: Brit Cruise describes the Turing Machine - an abstract machine that can mimic the behaviour of any other machine. What we refer to as "computable" in modern mathematics and computer science generally means that which can be calculated by a Turing machine. This is a contribution from Alan Turing that addresses one of David Hilbert's famous problems. Check out the video for details.

Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? by 3Blue1BrownThese days there is so much discussion in the media about the digitial currency Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. What is all the fuss about? It turns out that there is some interesting mathematics underlying its implementation, based in the mathematical field of cryptography. This detailed, 26-minute video by the inimitable Grant Sanderson of 3Blue1Brown, outlines the mathematics needed to understand cryptocurrency, blockchain, and related structures.  

Which of these did you like most? Let us know.

If you have an iOS device then you can now run the free Epsilon Stream iOS App and enjoy over a thousand videos categorised to match your search. If you are not an iOS user, hold tight for the web and Android version - out February 2017. Till then, you can also follow @OneOnEpsilon on Twitter for daily maths video shoutouts and continue to support incredible mathematics content creators on youtube.


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