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February 2018 Editors' Picks

February 15, 2018

We are excited to present our February edition of the Epsilon Stream Editors' Picks. For this month, our team expanded to include Clara Valtorta, an incredible Mathematics Curriculum Specialist. After much discussion, research, comparison and debate, we narrowed down on a great list of mathematics videos.


Whether it's exploring how radio waves might help make our computers safer, finding the length of a spiral around a cylinder, or imagining a 10-dimensional sphere, the free and safe Epsilon Stream App presents you with the best of these videos. You can search the App for almost anything you can think of in the realm of K - 12 mathematics and related exploratory areas. In fact, our content team continuously updates the content in Epsilon Stream. We are parents, teachers, curriculum developers and mathematics researchers, and we just love watching and discussing mathematics videos.

Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle by TED-Ed: This video of Alex Gendler introduces a beautiful classic problem that may appear impossible at first. Give yourself time to try and come up with your own solution. You may be surprised by the simplicity of the answer presented at the end. 

Binary Numbers - Math Bites by Nerdist: This video with Danica McKellar, the actress who played Winnie from The Wonder Years and also a Mathematician with an Erdos number of four, presents the basics of binary numbers in an engaging way. Can you see the connection with parity in the previous video? Now we have more options: yes-no, on-off, hot-cold, and so on. What other pairs can you come up with?

Thinking visually about higher dimensions by 3Blue1Brown: How is it possible to imagine a four dimensional sphere? How about higher dimensions? This captivating video introduces a simple approach to visualisation in higher dimensions using number lines. The main focus is on spheres and a certain sphere packing problem. Throughout the video you explore incredible counter-intuitive phenomena that only occur in higher dimensions. 

The Length Of A Spiral (Helix) Of A Cylinder by MindYourDecisions: Sometimes the element of surprise is what draws us to mathematics. This video provides a great visualization on how to find the length of a spiral. You might be surprised!

How do error correction codes work by Art of the Problem: Alice and Bob are exchanging messages, but how do they deal with error that can arise from the communication channel? This video presents the issue of single bit errors and Richard Hamming's solution. Surprisingly, parity plays an important part of Hamming's solution. As you see, there is a recurring theme of parity in several of our recommendations this month.

The Joy of Hex by Tipping Point Math: A brief introduction to the game of Hex. This video looks at why someone must always win. Try it with your friends. Also, hidden in the proof are some other examples of the types of binary pairs that we saw earlier: blue-red, land-water. Try it: here is a the Tipping Point Math's printable Hex board mentioned in the video.

A Quantum Random Number Generator  by BTYoungScientists: This video features an excited young student explaining his science project. We just love seeing students glow as they share their creations and discoveries. The explanation in this video, is in fact a great introduction to physical random number generators. Unlike pseudeorandom generators, typically used by computers, physical random number generators are truly random.

Let us know which of these videos you liked the most. We'd love to hear from you.

If you have an iOS device then you can now run the free Epsilon Stream iOS App and enjoy over a thousand videos categorized to match your search. If you are not an iOS user, register with us to try the Beta version for web/Android.

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