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May 2018 Editors' Picks

Here we present some of the best mathematics videos that our content team has seen this month. You can view these videos, and much more, by searching the free Epsilon Stream App. This App presents you with the best selection of curated mathematics videos, blog posts and games. You can search the App for almost anything you can think of in the realm of K - 12 mathematics and related exploratory areas.


As for the curators - who are we? We are parents, teachers, curriculum developers and mathematics researchers. Why do we do it? We just love watching and discussing mathematics videos and we are working on making Epsilon Stream an incredible go-to address for reference and mathematics joy.

How to Fold or Split Things into Thirds -- From a Math Guy by James TantonIn this video, The Global Math Project's James Tanton explores a simple algorithm that folds or sorts things into thirds. Take the time to watch this video and explore how this incredible algorithm works.


A Very Satisfying Puzzle by GoldPlatedGoof: This video starts by considering the following problem: How should you wrap string around two nails so that a picture frame connected to the string hangs off of the nails, and removing either nail causes the picture to fall? How about generalizing the problem to any number of nails? Enter the world of group theory in mathematics and the relationship to the Rubik's cube, geometric transformations, and much more.

Scatterplots and Correlation in Statistics by yaymath: Good evening stats fans! In this exciting video featuring Robert Ahdoot from yaymath.org, we take a close look at the data scatterplot. This graphical tool can be used to analyze the nature and features of correlation in the data such as trend, strength, and shape. Check it out!

Doodling in Math: Sick Number Games by VihartThis video showcases the Ulam Spiral, named after mathematician Stanislaw Ulam. Consider this: What happens if you write the positive integers in a spiral pattern, and then highlight the prime numbers? Is there a pattern? Hidden inside the famous Pascal's triangle is the Sierpinski's triangle. What does this have to do with odd numbers? Watch this video to explore these patterns and more.

Wythoff's Game (Get Home) by singingbanana: Mathematician James Grime investigates winning strategies in Wythoff's game -- a simple game played on a chessboard where players take turns moving a queen from (say) the top right (North-East) to the bottom left (South-West) of the board. The catch is, the queen may only move West, South, or South-West. It turns out that this game has a winning strategy for the first player. Find out about the surprising patterns that arise.


Imaginary Numbers Are Real [Part 10: Complex Functions] by Welch Labs: You may not have considered this yet, but how do you visualize functions of complex variables? Usually this is the realm of university level mathematics, but this video, the tenth of a series, does a remarkable job of explaining the beauty and intricacies of such functions. You may also remember in our January Editors' Picks, we recommended the first video in this very same series.

Dividing by Zero by John Sherer: Many of us know that dividing by zero is undefined. Why is it, then, that mathematical formalisms such as calculus (where we almost divide by zero) are so successful? This video challenges the boundaries of how and why. Maybe we should all take this approach when learning something new?


Let us know which of these videos you liked the most. We'd love to hear from you.


If you have an iOS device then you can run the free Epsilon Stream iOS App and enjoy over a thousand videos categorized to match your search. If you are not an iOS user, register with us to try the Beta version for web/Android.

You can also follow @OneOnEpsilon on Twitter for daily maths video shoutouts and continue to support incredible mathematics content creators on youtube. 




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